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Our love to Devon Rex came to Us unexpectedly. First, was Elin. We became fascinated in the breed and cat shows. One year later our cat family was complete :) Elin, Fionka and their prince Achiote (we call him Cliford). Our cats play a major role in our family. I put many attention to everything I do and breeding is my passion, which my husband Dariusz, two children - Weronika and Filip, help me in. Our cattery has a domestic character.

Breeding means not only joy but also making difficult decisions and the responsibilty for  our kittens. While following principles and using gained knowledge and experience, I am able to breed with clear conscience happy an healthy cats. Cats which bring new owners lots of happy moments. Both kittens and grown up cats live with us in fully accesible environment where they can feel safe and appreciated. They are not afraid of every day sounds. All they need is a loving care taker...

Breeding is my passion, i love what i am doing and Iam so happy that I can share it with people from whole world!


We breed not more than 1-3 litters per year to allow ourselves spending a lot of time with cat babies, to make them fully socialized. We put a lot of attention to this.

We take care of our kittens with love and respect so our priority is to find loving, friendly and responsible homes for them.
We sell kittens only with a FIFé pedigree - your guarantee that you are buying a purebred Devon Rex Cat.


Our cattery is registered in Cat Club Amber (CCA), belonged to Felis Polonia (FPL) which is affiliated in FIFe.



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Our cats are under control of vdr. Jerzy Kończak.


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