Ana Laura & Ana Leticia

Good night !

First session of kittens, I invite you :)

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We have new kittens :)

We have new kittens ! Our sweet girl Titu have three babies. Mom and kids feel good !

Happy Birthday my sweet girl !

Today, our girl is celebrating her first birthday! I love her all the same… She is my little treasure,my dream, my love and my friend. 


Reactivation :)

This year we had a bit of a break from posting but soon we will update our news feed. Ciastuś was not wasting time :) The two of our female cats will soon have their labour dates. Kittens will be delivered several days apart, and I am very pleased about the fact that they will grow up together.  I already start feeling butterflies in my stomach, and You?

FIFE Cat Show in Sopot 29-30.07.2017

We have already made our first exhibition debut. Lala performed well and was rated very good by the judges. I am very proud of her. 

29.07.2017 EX 2 Judge: Mr. Marcin Łukasz Biernaczyk , PL
30.07.2017 EX 1 , CAC , Best in Variety Judge : Mrs. Marina Vinkel , EE