My heart melts ...

 I fell head over heels in love! So good that our little Tosca is a daughter of Ciastek [Cookie], otherwise she would have stayed with us for sure. Every session is messing with my mind. 


Marco Calvados*PL - Interchampion FiFe :)

Marco Calvados*PL


Marco lives in England and proudly represents Calvados*PL cattery at International Show rings.

FiFe Cat Show in OSTRAVA 03-04.10.2015

Natasza Calvados*PL


SPA ....:)

Today we were having the Pet SPA Body & Soul Day. All small tails were having a bath, claws were trimmed, ears were cleaned and the weight was checked. Our skinny Titu put on weight :) she has crossed the magic number and her weight now is 2.04 kg.
Klara weights 2.75 kg. Both of them look very good, form me it is perfect!
Ciastus weights 2.96kg, it is not bad but we are working on his body mass. Alison is always close to the bowl so the weight is 3,54!

Lazy Sunday .... 2 weeks old!

Today we were having a lazy day in pyjama. I was making picture a whole day with breaks. Girls posed for photos great, light was perfect. They have very beautiful fur like a sheep and big ears. I just love photograph them..

The girls already look at me :)

Today was perfect light for photo shoot,  the pictures came out nice :)

Enjoy every moment! Have a lovely day :)

You can get lost in daydreams... It is amazing how cats have great instinct.
Klarcia is very good mum. Her girls are very neat, spick and span and so round.  Life is wonderful. I am enjoying every moment!

1 week old! :)

Klara’s girls are 1 week now. They grow up healthy and need no additional feeding. Yesterday they all looked at me :) They are so cute and make me a day-dreamer all the time :)  I am very pleasantly surprised by their fur. Klara had two other litters with Clif, however without a direct reflection in kitten’s fur, although Clif had thicker fur than Ciastek. This match is perfect for me! They grow up without any problems.

Good Night ! :)

The fullness of happiness in our house !!! :)

We have new kittens ! Our sweet girl Klara have three babies. Mom and girls feel good ! :)