Our cats



Yoko PasoDoble*PL

D.O.B. 13.03.2020

DRX f23


Ronja Calvados*PL

D.O.B. 24.03.2021

DRX d09 22



Sophia PasoDoble*PL

D.O.B. 15.12.2018

DRX f09



Penelopa PasoDoble*PL 

D.O.B. 20.05.2018

DRX d09



Piper Calvados*PL ( Titu)

D.O.B. 01.11.2014

Blood group "A"

DRX f 32

Titu is the youngest of our home-grown cats,  she is a daughter of J-Queen Calvados*PL  and S*Kaviandoo Katt Cobolt – a blue point imported from Sweden. Titu is a little flibbertigibbet who has gone crazy about me :) Sometimes I have an impression that she treats me like her mother. Titu is Ciastek’s [Cookie’s] love of life. It is amazing but there is really something between them… We are starting shows in the summer. By now I am very happy about her development...



Hermes PasoDoble*PL


DRX n33




CH. Ciastek PasoDoble*PL

D.O.B.  07.04.2014

Blood group  " B "

DRX d 21 33

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Ciastek (in English Cookie) joined our family in October 2014. I have been looking for him for the last three years. He quickly became a part of our life. Ciastek's father is blue and I hope he will pass on dilution to many of his babies. He has a perfect nose break and beautiful, large, low-set ears. My boy is still growing but I am already very happy with what I see. I love the funny brushes on the top of his ears and the way he cuddles to me during the night but the most I adore his good nature and loving heart:)))))From the beginning he sleeps with me, on my pillow and purrs his magic lullabies. I love a blink in his eye.

I'm madly in love with him :) It brought one more small piece of happiness to our house !

I am full of admiration for the development of this boy. Ciastek is a cat in the type which I adore.  
I am proud that Ciastek will be backing our breeding programme up !!