We have kittens ...

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International Cat Show in Starogard Gdański...

26 and 27 September, our "A" princess - Anabel took part international Cat Show in Stargard Gdanski . She got excellent and was admired by the judges. Agnieszka thanks for love you give to Tasza. It's a pleasure to watch my cat babies on the shows..


Alvin visits...

On 23rd of September our "A" boy Alvin came to us on holiday. His owner flew to Barcelona and gave him to us for few days. It's amazing, he was living with her for almost a month he was behaving as if he never left us. He's very polite and smart cat.

Show Gdańsk 04-05 July 2009

At the international cat show in Gdansk, Fionka & Cliffcio finished their championship. On the second they they opened their way to international championship. Here are their diplomas and licenses :)

International Cat Show in Gdańsk

That weekend was very successfull to us. On the first day, Fionka and Cillfcio got excellent-1 and the third certificate for Champion title. On the second day, Cliffcio got excellent and his first certificate for International Champion. Fionka got excellent-1, her first certificate for International Champion and BIV and BIS. I am very happy and although it doesn't sound modest. This thrill of emotion is unforgivable :)

Show Ostróda 20-21 June 2009

Saturday turned to be very successfull to our Fionka. Among three other devons, she got ex1 and champion's certificate. She was also nominated to BIS, where she defeated a cornish rex and british cat. Cliffcio got Ex1 and champion's certificate. Sunday was also very nice to us. Fiona got ex1 and another champion's certificate and BIV. devon rex, kocięta devon rexThe judge was astonished by her. Cliffcio was also well judged. He got Ex1, his second champion's certiciate and BIS nomination. He has nice head, big and well-placed ears, big, round blue eyes.

We have kittens ...

Our cats were tested on Fiv and Felv

Our cats were tested on Fiv and Felv. The results are negatvie. Now we are sure that our kittens will be healthy. Our cattery is free of diseases. Our male - Achiote Szylkretka *Pl (Clifford) has blood type B.