This photo session amused me to tears :)

This photo session amused me to tears :) … Since we often take photos in the garden our little girls are comfortable with it despite plenty of distractions… a neighbour standing on the balcony and knocking on something, a dog barking upstairs, not to mention birds or swinging leaves.

Good evening my Dearest ones!...

Good evening my Dearest ones! 
I cannot have a way with the camera lately. Today my girls brought back my childhood memories. I recalled my childhood toys. I decided to undress the Mouse and the Bunny but it was only 
the beginning… I dressed my girls and found them eagerly posing ... 
Before getting to bed - Umiko

Girls 6 weeks old!

In the line for the sunshine...

It is beautiful sunshine…. The sun is finally back Cats went crazy with happiness. They were standing in the line to the basket .

Sleepy session... :)

OK! I'm very tired now so please stop making the pictures and let me go to sleep :) :)